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 Wanjia attaches great importance to the continuous appreciation of human capital, to provide staff with a wealth of training and learning opportunities to help employees continue to grow, not only the pursuit of products and business to maintain the industry leading position, but also the pursuit of the overall quality of talent in the industry's leading position. The professional growth of Wanjia employees is mainly supported by the training system of classification and system improvement and the promotion of multi-channel qualification management system. We will continue to human resources development as an important condition for achieving the goal of human capital appreciation, and never ceased to build a learning organization.

"Happy work, happy life", the success of the business is only one of the pursuit of Wanjia staff, Wanjia know the physical and mental health of employees, the importance of balance of life and work, so the staff work life is also given high attention The Monthly theme activities, various clubs, designed to enrich staff life, improve staff quality of life.

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