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    Wanjia Lianzhong Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the power, power meter magnetic relay relay research and development, production and sales, the company with decades of relay R & D and manufacturing experience, has now developed into the largest domestic magnetic relay relay one of the manufacturers, Comprehensive economic benefits ranked the top three domestic industry, 2015 sales revenue exceeded 350 million yuan, is China's magnetic relay relay industry leaabout_01.jpgding enterprises, but also the world's major magnetic relay relay production and sales of one of the domestic energy meter with magnetic retention One of the main drafting unit of the relay standard is the national power grid, the provincial power bureau bidding power meter preferred supporting manufacturers, and extensively for the famous watch factory at home and abroad to provide relay parameters and structural design of the design, a number of well-known watch factory long strategic partners.

    The company has a more than 120 experienced technicians, senior technical staff and management personnel, more than 1,200 employees trained, skilled skilled workers; with more than 10 series of new magnetic holding relay production line, and has advanced relay testing, The company has consistently adhered to the "business, integrity, team, innovation", "responsibility, implementation, quality, cost" business philosophy, quality and envir
onmental assurance system through the ISO9001, ISO14001 standard certification, product VDE, TUV, UL related certification , But also in line with IEC62055 UC2, UC3 and other requirements, all products meet the EU ROHS directive requirements, in the country with independent intellectual property rights (with magnetic holding relay dozens of patents). Reliable quality assurance, professional technical services and improve the marketing network, Wanjia relay to become the best choice for customers at home and abroad, and gradually expand the supply of domestic and foreign mainstream energy meter factory share, such as Samsung, Victory, Holley, ITRON, ECHLON, SAGEMCOM, EDMI, etc., and won the "SAGEMCOM global first supplier" honorary title.

     Now, Wanjia has become a world-class relay research and production of high-tech enterprises. We will, as always, with excellent quality, reasonable and competitive prices, punctual delivery and professional after-sales service, and you go hand in hand, and common development, create brilliant!

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